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To make your objectives absolutely clear, here comes the revised edition of NEET Objective Series', which has been comprehensively designed for students who are for preparing for NEET and other entrances. As the title name suggests, the Volume 1 of NEET Objective Series deals with the subject of 'Chemistry' covering the entire syllabus along with NCERT Textbook of Class 11th in 25 Chapters for the simultaneous preparation of both School and entrance exam. This book follows: 1. Each chapter has been divided under logical topic heads in an easy-going manner 2. Important points have been highlighted under text notes, extra points to enrich students 3. Solved Examples are given for the topics to develop the Problem-Solving Skills 4. Check points are given in between the text to remain linked with the concepts 5. Exercises are given in 3 folds at the end of each chapter for rigorous practice 6. Part A - Taking it Together: contains Objective Questions arranged according to the level of difficulty, 7. Part B - Medical Entrance Special Format Question: covers all special types of questions asked in the Medical Entrances 8. Part C - Medical Entrances 'Gallery': Covering all the questions asked in Last 11 years' (2021 - 2011) in NEET and other Medical Entrances. TOC Chapter 1- Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry, Chapter 2- Structure Of Atom, Chapter 3- Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties, Chapter 4- Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure, Chapter 5- Gaseous State, Chapter 6- Liquid State, Chapter 7- Thermodynamics, Chapter 8- Thermochemistry, Chapter 9- Physical And Chemical Equilibrium, Chapter 10- Ionic Equilibrium, Chapter 11- Redox Reactions, Chapter 12- Hydrogen And Its Compounds, Chapter 13- S-Block Elements 1, Chapter 14- S-Block Elements 2, Chapter 15- P- Block Elements 1, Chapter 16- P- Block Elements 2, Chapter 17- Classification And Nomenclature Of Organic Compounds, Chapter 18- Isomerism, Chapter 19- Fundamental Concepts Of Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Chapter 20- Purification And Elements Analysis, Chapter 21- Alkanes, Chapter 22- Alkenes, Chapter 23- Alkynes, Chapter 24- Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Chapter 25- Environmental Chemistry, NEET Solved Paper 2021

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